Online newspaper VL News – is on-line publication dedicated to current issues in social, political and cultural life of Russia and abroad. It was launched in June 2008.

The newspaper “VL News World” provides accurate information for those people who want to know a little more about the important events in the political, economic, cultural, social, religious and sport life of Russia and abroad. Along with copyrighted material on our website there is a regularly updated news feed.

In addition, in the section “Version” we publish materials based on the information obtained from our own confidential sources close to the different public agencies or business enterprises.  We believe that even if these publications do not convey the ultimate truth, they still may be of interest to our readers because they offer an original interpretation of well-known events. If you have information that contradicts any story, please, send it to us and we will publish it.

Our readers are people with an active lifestyle, who are employed in the public service, in business or politics, who are interested in the social, economic and political life both in our country and around the world. About 15% of our readers live in the countries of near and far abroad.


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