Off in the 90 to (re) make way for the Series 6, the Series 8 will finally make his return to BMW catalog. The manufacturer should provide a lot of engines on its cut to deal with the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, a version M8 approximately 600 hp. The battle between the two luxury coupes already promises to be breathless.
BMW M8: it already looks
Mercedes felt a bit far only in the segment of large ultra-luxury coupes with S Coupé, but is not counting on the reaction that BMW is preparing a response on its side with the return of the series 8. And while waiting to know what will make the BMW 6 Series (she will stay the catalog? Leave his place in Round 8? Change completely philosophy?), we now have a little more information about the Bavarian great.

Our colleagues explain that Autocar M8 release would be part of the range Series 8. Intended to oversee the 8 Series line, the M8 is the latest to emerge, by the end of the decade, and ‘there is already talk of a power of 600 hp taken from a new V8 biturbo 4.0, a similar engine configuration to that of Mercedes with 500 cc per cylinder (4-cylinder two-liter, 6-cylinder three-liter and 8-cylinder 4 liters).

With more than five meters long, ultra light materials (probable use of carbon in the structure), four wheel drive and a very taut line, the future M8 already promises to give hard time to the S 63 AMG Coupé .. .

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