Remember, it was 1994: Toyota released an amazing vehicle, the RAV4. In fact, the first compact SUV in history. And boom! Huge success in stride. Since, in this segment, the Japanese had a little sleepy complacency leaving room for competitors. But the alarm time has come. Toyota-attack against the C-HR. Small but muscular with its 4.36 meters long. As the Nissan Juke, it plays originality. And his style moved with his false air of cut and big taillights. Audacious for a brand rather wise design.

A boldness that is also found inside. , Notably with a plank of refined edge at the center of which stands a beautiful touchscreen. Comfort and perceived quality on top. We feel that the Japanese have really worked them.

This vehicle offers a hybrid necessarily directly inherited from the latest generation Prius, with a reported consumption of only 3.7 liters per 100 kilometers. It is also available in petrol. In contrast, Toyota has clearly announced that there would be no diesel version. Launched by the end of the year, the C-HR will be available from 22,900 euros and 28,500 euros in hybrid version.

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