Volvo renews its upscale sedan with the successful design, fluid, modern and an equally attractive comfortable break, cut for the road, the S and V90 want to get a place in a market dominated by German

Forget the Volvo S80 and V70 wagon version. They are replaced by the S90, elegant sedan to limousine-like and the V90, break fluid and modern design. While sitting on the road, the new S90, long of 4.96 m and offered at a price of 41,700 euros, no shortage of assets in the segment of premium sedans which wage war Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class
It is especially in Volvo wagon version that imagines the success of its new high-end. The S80 will sell more, less than 5,000 units per year in Europe, while the V70 and all-terrain declination yet reached 50,000 units. The V90, proposed to 44 350 euros, gaining 13 cm compared to the V70, reaching 4.94 m, but with a volume of 560 liters loses 15 liters of cargo.

With the shell of the XC 90

S90 and V90 have been designed on the platform of the XC90, the SUV unveiled in 2015. They display the same trapezoidal grille and a light signature in “Thor’s hammer”. They have a neat inside, with the option Napa leather and lacquered wood inserts. As the XC 90, the S90 receives a large 9 inch tablet core, which can be read by scanning the pages, such as a newspaper on an i-Pad.
Volvo has also worked particularly security of the S90.
It has City Safety system that avoids drawing the vehicle ahead. It recognizes pedestrians and cyclists, as well as large animals. This Volvo is moving towards autonomous driving with a driving assist in traffic adaptive control, and maintenance support in the queue.

In 190 or 235 horsepower?
Both cars are available in Diesel 150, 190 and 235 horses and two petrol engines with 254 and 320 horsepower, this waiting for the PHEV version of T8. With an oscillating weight between 1,700 and 1,800 kg will be mainly sold with the D4 block 190 horses in two or four wheel drive and D5 of 235 horsepower, four-wheel drive with manual six-speed gearbox or robotized gearbox eight reports.
With the D4 and box car, the S90 is more fun to drive. Comfortable and safe on the motorway, it is less effective on small mountain roads where the engine also shows a bit noisy at high revs. D5 block is nicer. Featuring two turbochargers and power-pulse system, which compresses the air for reinjecting it into the low-pressure turbo, it has a substantial torque. While suspended, the S90 swallows smooth irregularities of the road. It has driven suspensions optional. It is proposed to 53.800 euros.

Technical sheet
Engine: 1.9-liter diesel.
Power: 190 horsepower and 234.
Dimensions: 4.96 / 1.87 / 1.44 m.
Price: 44,100 / € 53,800.

volvo-s90-elegant-swedish-01 volvo-s90-elegant-swedish-02 volvo-s90-elegant-swedish-03 volvo-s90-elegant-swedish-04 volvo-s90-elegant-swedish-05 volvo-s90-elegant-swedish-06 volvo-s90-elegant-swedish-07 volvo-s90-elegant-swedish-08 volvo-s90-elegant-swedish-09

And here is the Cross Country version

Here is the Cross Country Version
As expected, the estate version (V90) ran cross country variation. The all-path breaks are a tradition at Volvo, builder of a country 70% of whose territory is covered by forests and a lake. This version is the successor of the Volvo V70 XC launched in 1997, which inspired the Audi A6 Allroad. Raised 60 mm, it receives large wheels but still quite sober, with wheel arch protectors, front and rear. It keeps the fluidity of the V90 wagon. AWD is fitted as standard, along the eight-speed Geartronic. She is currently in the testing phase, from the glacial areas of northern Sweden overheated in the desert of Arizona.


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