Isis fighters in Falluja

This was reported by news agency Fars.

Mass execution was carried out in the oil province of Kirkuk in northern Iraq. The terrorists were caught in sending short messages to the Kurds (a method of transmission was not specified), and voting to make a final decision on whether to lay down their weapons. The executed were Arabs and they joined ISIS after the group seized part of Iraq.

On February 11, in the city of Tall Afar in the north-west of the country, ISIS militants executed 23 of their comrades who refused to fight with the Kurds. On February 10, in the Kirkuk province, ISIS terrorists killed 13 members of their group, who were defeated by the Kurdish groups.

In the summer of 2014, the “Islamic state” seized parts of Iraq and Syria and proclaimed the caliphate on those territories. The armies of the two countries, as well as Kurdish groups are fighting against militants. They represent the regular armed forces of Iraqi Kurdistan. Formally, these forces are considered a part of the Iraqi army, but in reality they report to the leadership of the autonomy.

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