“The bill proposes to abolish the administrative responsibility for ticketless travel and introduce civil liability, when a free-rider will be obliged by the Civil Code to reimburse the carrier for the breach of transportation contract” – said the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a government meeting.

In addition, he said, it is proposed to introduce special fines on commuter trains in the amount of 50 times the travel rates of an adult for a distance of 10 kilometers, and on long-distance trains – in the amount of a 5 time travel rate for an adult for a distance of 100 kilometers, “Interfax” reports.

The bill also gives transportation companies the right to check for tickets and charging an additional fee for the sale of tickets to free-riders directly to the train or commuter train, with the exception of those cases when the ticket was not purchased for objective reasons.

As noted the Prime Minister, current fines of 100 rubles on commuter trains and 200 rubles on long-distance trains are not particularly scaring away the free-riders. “This is the reason behind the massive nature of the offenses and, therefore, very serious losses for carriers. This situation is unacceptable,” – he stressed out. Medvedev expressed hope that new, tougher sanctions will solve this problem.