The winner of the title of Mrs. World is 31 years old, and she works on Belarusian television and performs on stage as a singer. Four years ago, Marina Alekseychik got married. It was not specified whether she has kids.

Second place in the beauty contest was given to a representative of South Africa, and third – to a beauty from Peru. Fourth place went to the Russian actress Natalia Nikolaeva, a winner of the title of Miss Sevastopol. Besides her, Russia was represented in the competition by the TV presenter Olga Pankova.

Contestants from 35 countries have undergone through several stages of competition. The first stage was a dance contest, followed by swimsuit and evening gown rounds. In the final, the contestants were dressed in national costumes or artistic attire that expressed their national identity.

The contest Mrs. World, which is being held from 1985, is aimed at married women engaged in political, social or charitable activities. Preference is given to those contestants who have children.

“Mrs.” is a traditional way to address married women in English-speaking countries, while “Miss” is used when addressing unmarried women.

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