Chinese game accounts

game accounts of her son

A Chinese woman hacked and deleted game accounts of her son

As journalists report, just one and a half years ago, she began worrying about the fact that her son spends almost all of his free time playing online games, and also spends all of his pocket money on them. First, the mother simply removed from the computer all the games, but the son just kept installing them back. After the son moved to the last grade in school, the woman changed her tactic – she installed software on their computer that recorded all of the passwords, and thus obtained access to all of the accounts. When her son left for school, she simply deleted all of his accounts on different gaming sites.

It is still unclear whether her actions will lead to the expected results. On the first day the son had a row with his mother, saying that he would stop going to school. When he finally did go to school, the teachers noted that the child was very depressed and complained that he had lost all of his achievements on which he had spent many years.