The contact took place on the banks of the Envira River in the Brazilian state of Acre near the border with Peru. The guests from the jungle were too greeted by an Indian from Ashanink tribe, who, however, has long been familiar with civilization.

He was wearing only underwear, and in his hands he was carrying two bunches of bananas, which he gave to the Indians who are not familiar with civilization. Those, in turn, received the gift, even though they behaved cautiously.

According to the Globo channel, scientists consider the Indians that came out of the jungle to belong to panoan language group. Most likely, the Indians were forced to cross the border between Peru and Brazil due to the activities of illegal woodcutters and drug mafia groups running the show in their native lands.

The regions of the Brazilian Amazon are home to the biggest number of tribes on earth that live far from civilization. According to the estimates by the Brazilian side, there could be around 80 such groups.

The guests from the jungle


A group of Indians in Brazil had its first contact with civilization