Into the Woods movie, VL News. Going by the strong cast and the story line there is reason to believe that this movie will not disappoint viewers. Let us over the next few lines try and have a look at the movie, the story line and whether the interest that is generated is worthwhile. It would also be not a bad idea to find out whether the movie has lot of dust and less of heat so to say.

Into the Woods

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A Peep Into The New Release – Into The Woods

The Story Line

The fact that this movie is from the house of Walt Disney is something that is bound to generate a lot of interest. Now coming to the story line it is more about a fairy tale. There are a number of fairy tales that have formed the main theme of this film. A few names that come to our mind are Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk. The story is about a couple who have been cursed to be childless by a wicked witch. To overcome this curse they are required to go to the forest. Their mission to the forest will end only when they are able to find out the various objects which will enable them to come out of the wicked spell cast by the cruel witch. The storey is woven around two main characters, Baker and his wife. The interesting part of the film is the various interactions that these two central characters have with the witch. There are a number of other characters whom they meet along the way. The interactions that they have en-route to finding out the main objects are also quite fascinating making the film very interesting.

Though the movie starts off as an insipid musical fantasy, it becomes quite lively when the story line unfolds itself. It certainly leaves behind a story of responsibility as the main characters struggle along the way in their bid to get themselves rid of the curse that has been placed on them by the cruel witch. The story also has many of the movie goers thinking as to the responsibility they have when it comes leaving a good legacy behind.

Some Interesting Bit Of Information About Production Of This Film

The actual production of the film started in the year 2012 and it has taken full two-years to complete it. The film is studded with a number of renowned star casts. James Corden does the role of Baker and Emily Blunt as the Baker’s wife. The role of Meryl Streep as the wicked with is without doubt one of the most interesting elements of this move. It is also widely believed that Merlyn also played a big role in giving a new look to the film with the help of the production team. The movie is based on a book written by James Lapine. The screenplay has been ably written by the same person. The other interesting roles that have been played are as under:

• The Wolf by Johnny Depp

• Cinderella by Anna Kendrick

• Cinderella’s Prince by Chris Pine

• The Giant by Frances de la Tour

• Red Riding Hood by Lilla Crawford

Some Other Interesting Aspects Of The Film

The movie has been well directed by Rob Marshall though he would have done better if he had managed the initial sequences of events more deftly. However, the typical Marshall touch is there for all to see. The musical score is also very wonderful. The trailer of the film certainly goes a long way to generate a lot of interest in the film.

The Final Word

Given the fact that this movie has all the ingredients that are required to capture the imagination and interest of both young and the old, there is reason to believe that it will set the box office on fire. However, at the end of the day, the proof of the pudding lies in the eating. The viewers are waiting with interest to see the film being released and only when it hits the theaters will the final word be out. But what is available as a prelude makes us believe that this movie will certainly give full value for money.

Into the Woods trailer

Into the Woods trailer 2014