Amphibians belong to the family of glass frogs who were named like that because of their transparent skin on the abdomen, through which you can see the internal organs. Live Science reported about the discovery citing the magazine Zootaxa.

Miniature (just three centimeters long) frog is distinguished by bright green skin and bulging white eyes. Among the other members of the family (glass frogs in Costa Rica include 13 species) it is distinguished by characteristic cry that males use to attract females. According to biologists, this is a long monotonous sound that is similar to metal whistle. Such sounds are more characteristic for insects – which is one of the reasons why scientists did not pay attention to the “Kermit” for so long. The frog was called Hyalinobatrachium dianae – in honor of Janet Diana Kubicki,  the mother of the lead author of the study, Brian Kubicki, as well as the ancient Roman goddess of hunting, Diana.

Biologists have discovered six animals of the new species in the foothills along the Caribbean coast. The habitat of Hyalinobatrachium dianae is fully protected by the boundaries of the nature reserve, and civilization is not yet threatening for the survival of the species. However, climate change and infectious diseases affecting amphibians all over the world, can also get to Costa Rican “Kermits”, scientists warn.

Hyalinobatrachium dianae gained unexpected popularity in the media around the world because of its resemblance to the character from “The Muppets.” The study’s authors have approved that. “It is amazing that a new species have gotten so much attention around the world. I hope this will help people learn more about the amazing amphibians of Costa Rica and prevent the destruction of their habitat, “- said Kubicki in an interview with CBS News.

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