Indonesia ship

Indonesia ship is missing

It was sailing from Pare-Pare (South Sulawesi province) to the port of Tandzung (East Kalimantan province), reported on Saturday, February 7, Indonesian news portal Detiknews. On board of the missing ship, according to available data, there were 197 passengers.

“It is obvious that the ship has left Pare-Pare without registering at the port. None of the ships on the route Pare-Pare – Tandzhung have that name,”- said Hendra Sudirman, the head of search and rescue services of the Indonesian port of Balikpapan.

Rescuers got in touch with other ports and even the naval base Sengata to check the information about the ship. However, no one has official information about “Tarun Makmur.” “It’s amazing how the information about its disappearance even emerged,” – said Hendra.

Nonetheless, rescuers are ready to search or ship when they get first accurate and proven information.

The route Pare-Pare –Tandzhung in the last two days have been exhibiting very bad weather. Experts do not eliminate the possibility that if such ship really exists, it could sink in such a storm.

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