This was announced by the speaker of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Yaroslav Galas live on the TV channel 112 Ukraine.

“On the bridge over Seversky Donets a controlled mine was placed, and a truck carrying the soldiers of the 92nd Brigade was blown up on it,” – said Galas. He stressed that, according to preliminary data, four soldiers were killed and the number of wounded is being specified. Stanitsa-Lugansk region, where the city of Schastye is located, is controlled by the armed forces of Ukraine. According to some reports, Ukraine has its 92nd Brigade, 17th Armored Brigade, the 80th Brigade and the forces of the National Guard of Ukraine stationed here.

On April 4, in the area of special operations of APU Ukraine, two Ukrainian soldiers were blown up on a mine and four more got wounded. According to representative of the press center of the ATO Andrei Lysenko, the end of the week in the area of the ATO (anti-terrorist operation – this is how in Kiev the military action in the Donbass area is officially called) turned out to be rather restless. According to Ukrainian military, the positions of the APU, in particular, were attacked on April 3 and 4 near the Donetsk airport, Avdeevka and the village of Opytnoe.


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