Jumps off of a Roof

jumping from roof

Stuntman Jumps off of a Roof, Films It With a GoPro

Ethan Swanson

GoPro camera films roof jump

He reluctantly gets up, brushes his teeth, signing gets ready to go to work. Chicago resident Ethan Swanson is not one of those people. Instead of mindlessly drowning in routine, he jumps off rooftops without special safety wires or any special equipment for that matter.

On a video posted below, you can see how a man wakes up, puts on some basic protection like arm bracers and a helmet, attaches a camera to the helmet and starts climbing onto a roof of a building. He climbs using the stairs, pulls himself up, climbs over a fence, and he is there. In a moment, taking a deep breath, Ethan Swanson jumps down from a 6-meter height. And not onto a trampoline or into the water. He lands on a sloping roof of a neighboring building, slides off of it and is right at the doorstep of his own house. At some point, it seems that a man would break all of his bones, but Swanson did not even hurt himself.

According to the man, in order to execute this trick, he had to take a long course in acrobatics, parkour and climbing, so do not even think about repeating his act without adequate preparation. Swanson admitted that since early childhood he has been captivated by the idea of jumping off objects of varying degrees of elevation. “I cannot logically explain my actions. This is a very strange hobby, but I like it,” – said the athlete in an interview with the NY Daily News.

Man jumping from roof video