documentary about Charlie Hebdo

Pyramide management is also negotiating with the Swiss, Italian and German filmmakers.

According to the publication, the movie titled “C’est dur d’être aimé par des cons” (“It’s hard when bastards love you”) was released in France for the second time after the terrorist attack on January 7, when three armed with machine guns and RPGs attacked the office of the satirical weekly publication in Paris.

The movie tells a story about the issue of Charlie Hebdo dated February 9, 2006, when the publication published a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad on the cover with the eponymous title. That issue sold twice as many copies that usual, but the chief editor was forced to defend himself in court on charges of insulting the feelings of believers.

Pyramide CEO Eric Lagesse expressed hope that the movie, which has not sparked much interest in France, may become a lot more widespread in the United States.

During the terrorist attack that occurred on January 7 at the office of Charlie Hebdo, 12 people were killed. The reason for shooting the journalists was publications of the Prophet Mohammed on its pages. In France, mass public rallies in memory of the victims and to support freedom of speech were held which have been attended by more than three million people. The next issue of Charlie Hebdo after the tragedy was released again with a caricature of the Prophet. That issue also provoked mass protests in Muslim countries of Africa and the Middle East.

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