caught a 270-kilo shark

This was reported by UPI. It is noted that fish resisted for an hour and a half.

Pemberton and his friends went fishing with a fishing rod on the beach in Panama City Beach. At some point, the man felt that the hook has caught on something big. To get the shark out of the water, Pemberton had to ask for help from other fishermen.

The length of the fish is about three meters. Why it swam so close to the shore, is unknown.

After the fishing trip, the American posted on his Facebook page photos of the catch. “In the near future we will be eating well,” – he wrote in a commentary.

The publication notes that the average length of adult mako sharks is 3.2 meters, and the weight – from 60 to 135 kilograms.

In September of 2014, a fisherman from Denmark caught near the Azores Islands a blue marlin weighing 488 kilograms. He had to fight with the fish for three hours.

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