british rapper kill american journalistAccording to the newspaper, the prime suspect is a 23-year-old Abdul-Majid Abdul Bari. About a year ago he left his 1 million pounds family home in West London, says the article. The Times notes that he recently posted a photo on Twitter where he is holding a severed head.Western media claim that Abdel-Majid Bari is known as rap artist.

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Earlier, the militants from the IG group published a video in which one of them decapitated journalist Foley. The extremists claimed that they executed him in order to avenge the attacks by Washington on their positions in Iraq. London said that the terrorist may be a British citizen.

The militants demanded a ransom of $ 132 million; however, the United States refused to pay. The IG has also captured other American citizens. Militants threaten to kill three of them, if their demands – getting the money and release of their comrades from prison – will not be met, reports “Interfax”.

British rapper


American journalist was executed by a British rapper

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