20-year-old McDonald's burger

Dean Casey and Eduard Nitz


As the Australians told the press, they purchased the burger 20 years ago, when they were still in school. The teenagers bought a few burgers for lunch, but one was left uneaten. So, they decided to keep it as a joke.

“It started as a prank, as we kept telling one of our friends that the burger was waiting for him. And we didn’t even notice how six months had passed. Then, months turned into years, and now, 20 years later, the burger looks like new, perfectly preserved in its original packaging, “- said Dean and Nitz.

Whether the item from McDonald’s was kept in the refrigerator, the publication did not specify.

In January of 2015, a resident of Iceland Hjörtur Smárason showed a cheeseburger, which he bought in 2009 in one of McDonald’s restaurants on the last day the restaurant chain operated in the country. His burger also has not changed much over the years.

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