MEPs also called on Turkey to follow suit. “As for Ankara, it has to clarify and shed light on the dark past by acknowledging that the crimes of the Ottoman Empire against Armenians were, in fact, genocide,” – read the statement the Austrian Parliament. This document was signed by representatives of all six factions. According to Der Standard, MEPs acknowledged that the share of the historical responsibility for what had happened lies also with Austria, considering the fact that Austria-Hungary was an ally of the Ottoman Empire during the World War I.

On April 20, the Foreign Minister of Germany agreed to recognize the mass killings of Armenians in 1915 as genocide. Previously, the German government avoided using this word, so as not to ruin their relationship with Turkey. On Friday, April 24, the matter of recognizing the Armenian genocide will be discussed in the German Bundestag.

Turkey ceased diplomatic relations with Armenia back in 1993. The reason for the conflict was the demand of Yerevan to recognize the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire. According to the Armenian version, from 1915 to 1923, Turkish troops deliberately moved hundreds of thousands of people to uninhabitable conditions that eventually led to mass deaths of Armenians. Turkey denies that. Armenian Genocide has been recognized and condemned by many countries and international organizations, including Russia, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

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