“People really need help – there is no doubt about it. That is why Russia has grown a lot in the eyes of those residents of eastern Ukraine, who have not left their homes. EU and Ukraine could protect themselves from this shame if instead of Russia sent their own humanitarian convoy“,- said the correspondent, as reported by RT.

He found two explanations of the actions of the Ukrainian authorities: “it was either a political stupidity or unwillingness to let the convoy go through.” “Because the border crossing, through which the convoy is supposed to pass, is controlled by the rebels. This means that Ukraine is not physically able to hold up the trucks there. If Ukraine acted constructively and smarter, then it would have avoided this shame, “- added Vershutts.

On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Kiev is delaying the delivery of the humanitarian aid, in order to get to a situation when there is no one to help anymore, and in this regard, Moscow has decided to start movement of the convoy carrying humanitarian aid in the direction of Lugansk.

Humanitarian aid delivered to the east of Ukraine

Humanitarian aid delivered to the east of Ukraine

 Austrian journalist: Ukraine could avoid the shame with humanitarian convoy

After that, Russian trucks carrying the humanitarian aid crossed the border with Ukraine. At the same time, representatives of the ICRC reported that they were not accompanying the convoy with the Russian humanitarian aid on the territory of Ukraine for security reasons. Meanwhile, the militia put up outposts and checkpoints to control the passage of the convoy of Russian trucks.

On Friday evening, all KamAZ trucks from the Russian humanitarian convoy with the aid for the residents of south-east Ukraine reached Lugansk, where they were unloaded. By Saturday morning, some trucks have already returned to Russia.

On Saturday it also was reported that the convoy of Russian trucks on Friday was fired at least five times from mortar-guns in the vicinity of Lugansk. In Lugansk, as the convoy was approaching closer, fire from guns and mortars increased. Shells and mines were exploding in the city center. Uploading of products was also held under fire.

Also, a source said that representatives from the Red Cross insisted on sending the convoy with Russian humanitarian aid via a dangerous road through the village of Novosvetlovka which is controlled by the National Guard of Ukraine.