Black soldiers

According to section statute AAR 600-20 of October 22, this definition can be used to refer to persons that belong to the Negroid race and have a full or partial African descent.

As the representative of the Army commented, this word was added to the statute because the soldiers themselves when filling out the documents identified themselves as “negros”. In turn, a Pentagon official called this “the most stupid thing that he had ever heard.” According to him, the Ministry of Defense does not use such words when collecting military data.

The word “negro” was widely used in the United States during the period of slavery. Slavery was abolished in the country after the adoption of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the US in December of 1865. In the 20th century, with increasing political correctness the use of this word when referring to black people began to be perceived as offensive. Today this word in various forms continues to be used as a humorous greeting within black communities.

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