Border Service of Ukraine

Ukrainian authorities have tightened the rules for Russian citizens to enter Ukraine. The press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that “from March 1, Russian citizens will not be able to enter, transit, stay and move freely on the territory of Ukraine on the basis of the internal passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation or a birth certificate (for children up to 14 years), which previously were used to enter.”

The spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, Yevgeniy Perebiynis explained that the decision to ban the entry of the Russian citizens using their internal passports is based on the agreement of both governments from 1997.

From March 1, citizens of the Russian Federation will be able to cross the border by presenting one of the following documents: a foreign Russian passport; a diplomatic passport; a service passports; a seafarer’s passport (with a ship’s roll or an extract from it); certificate to enter (return) to the Russian Federation (in the case of loss of identity document); flight certificate of an aircraft crew member.

All Russian citizens who have already arrived on the territory of Ukraine before March 1 will be able to leave the country on the basis of the same documents they used to enter.

In addition, Ukraine is considering introducing some restrictions for residents of border regions of Russia. They will be able to cross the Ukrainian-Russian border only in interstate and international border checkpoints, and their stay on the territory of Ukraine will be limited to 90 days within 180 days from the date of first entry. At the moment, they can stay in the border areas of the neighboring state for 90 days from the date of entry.

In April of 2014, Ukraine has tightened entry requirements for Russians in connection with the military operation in the Donbass region. In particular, it imposed restrictions on border crossing for men aged 16-60 years, as well as on the length of stay of Russian citizens in Ukraine: before that after a three months’ stay they could cross the border and immediately go back.

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