The girl named Mila was born in October of 2014, however, the Lori family told the press about this joyous event just a few days ago.

Young parents explained that, in their opinion, they managed to avoid the family pattern by carefully selecting days suitable for conception.

Five previous generations of Lori family only gave birth to boys. According to the publication, the last female child was born into the family in 1809, during the reign of King George III of Great Britain and Napoleon Bonaparte in France.

A method of planning a baby’s sex that was used by this British couple was developed in the 1960s by American doctor Landrum Shettles and was named “Shettles method.” According to this theory, in order to conceive a boy, you need to engage in sexual relations a couple of days before expectant mother’s ovulation, during it or for two days after it. In order to have a girl, you can use all other days.

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