British Parliament

This was written in a statement posted on the website of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

As noted in a statement, “The EU and the United Kingdom are indirectly guilty of intervening in the crisis, acting like lunatics.” According to the Committee, the EU Member States “have lost the political control” over the negotiation process regarding the association of Ukraine and the EU. Coupled with an incorrect assessment by Russia of the aspirations of the Ukrainian leadership, this has led to the subsequent crisis that neither Brussels nor Moscow wanted. According to the statement, a lack of experienced analysts in the foreign policy structures of the UK and the EU has led to such mistakes.

The document also notes that Ukraine will need a huge amount of assistance from the EU, but in order to get it, Kiev should implement certain reforms and begin an effective fight against corruption. As the Committee notes, although Britain does not approve the annexation of the Crimea to Russia, and welcomes the introduction of sanctions against Moscow, the EU and Russia should cooperate on political and economic issues, which is possible only if Brussels would take into account the legitimate interests of Moscow.

The US and the EU countries, including Great Britain, introduced economic sanctions against Russia in March of 2014 after the annexation of the Crimea to Russia. The list included several companies, mainly operating in the energy, financial and defense sector. In addition, personal sanctions against some Russian citizens were imposed. After that, the list of restrictions has been expanded several times, and the latest round of sanctions was introduced on February 16, 2015.

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