Bulgarian parliament

The leader of “Ataka” Volen Siderov, in a meeting with the leadership of the Crimea said that he was satisfied with the situation in the republic.

“We can clearly see that life in the Crimea is going well; people live full lives and there is no tension in the republic. This is what we will say in the Bulgarian parliament,”- he said. Siderov added that “Ataka” recognizes the Crimean referendum.

The politician also said that closing of the gas pipeline project “South Stream” has harmed the interests of Bulgaria and was dictated by the US. “Now, Bulgaria is a “colony”, there is almost no sovereignty left. Whatever the American Embassy or Brussels commissioner say – Bulgarian ruling authority will do,”- admitted Siderov.

According to him, Bulgarians remember that Russia liberated their country from Turkish ruling, and “it cannot be erased by any geopolitical directives.” Siderov also stressed that “Ataka” is opposed to anti-Russian sanctions.

The Crimea and Sevastopol were annexed to Russia as the result of the referendum, which was held in March 2014.

“Ataka” was established in Sofia in 2005. The party stands for the exit of Bulgaria from NATO. In 2014 elections the party got 4.5 percent of votes.

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