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This was reported by a member of the international club “Find a lawyer” Dmitry Kazatsker who is representing the interests of the writer.

“Cameron’s story that he conceived the script in 1994 does not hold water because, as you know, Ruslan didn’t have and couldn’t have access to Cameron’s notes, plus the notes couldn’t exist in 1994,” – the letter says.

Chechen Writers’ Union organized a pre-trial expertise which confirmed that the author of the Avatar script is really Zakriev.

Zakriev previously accused the director of Avatar, James Cameron of plagiarism and expressed his intention to sue for a third of box office sales revenue of the blockbuster, which as of today is the most commercially successful film in the history – it has made $ 2.7 billion.

He claims that Cameron based his screenplay of Avatar on his novel “The Secret Weapon”. The book was published on the website in 2002, and the movie was released in 2009.

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