Copenhagen police railway gunman

This was reported in a statement published on Police Twitter account on Sunday, February 15.

According to the statement, the man began shooting at the railway station in Nerrebro after police officers called him. He was shot dead during back fire.

According to police, the railway station was under special surveillance. Currently the investigation is underway of the involvement of the shooter to the shooting in the cafe and the synagogue.

Large-scale intelligence operation began after two shooting incidents in the capital of Denmark. Streets in Copenhagen are being patrol by armed police officers with dogs. They inspect all passing cars, check the documents of passers-by.

On the night of February 15, in one of the synagogues in the heart of Copenhagen there was a deadly shooting. One person was killed and two police officers were injured.

A few hours earlier, the café Krudttoenden was attacked, where a meeting on the matter of freedom of speech was taking place. As the result of the attack, a 55 year old man got killed, and three policemen were injured. According to police, the assailant made about 200 shots.

Danish authorities have stated that what happened at the cafe was a “politically motivated attack and a terrorist act.” Copenhagen Police have not yet linked these two incidents.

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