Creator of Final Fantasy

Even releases united into one series should tell different stories, Sakaguchi pointed in an interview with IGN.

As Sakaguchi explained, that’s exactly why characters and world have been changing and differences in fighting rules have been occurring in every new game of series up to Final Fantasy IX.

Numbered releases of Final Fantasy for single player are traditionally very popular among gamers. Starting from Final Fantasy X issued in 2011, some certain releases had direct sequels. Before that different Final Fantasy releases were not linked in plot. However, some characters like Chocobo, riding birds, race of Moogles and mechanic named Cid have been transferring from one part to another in different appearances.

In 2004, Sakaguchi founded his own Mistwalker studio where he is still working. Current project of the company is mobile video game called Terra Battle.  Among the projects of Mistwalker for home consoles are The Last Story (for Wii) and Lost Odyssey (for Xbox 360) role-playing video games. Sakaguchi quit working on Final Fantasy after he had left Square Enix due to failure of feature CG film ‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’. The last release of Final Fantasy he produced was ‘Final Fantasy IX’, the one he directed – ‘Final Fantasy V’. He has been working on this series since the very first Final Fantasy release in 1987.

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