Cyber​ Berkut


“Cyber​ Berkut” blocked the phones of the deputies

On the group’s website there is also a list of sites that are under the control of pro-government forces, which were cyber attacked and blocked.

In their address the hackers noted that Ukraine on its Independence Day is experiencing dire consequences of the leadership of the Kiev authorities: the economy is on the brink of collapse, there are no energy resources to supply the population with heat during the heating season, the country’s civil is still going on and “torchlight marches of fascists are regularly held.”

– Yes, Ukraine really needs its independence, – say hackers. – Independence from Washington, from oligarchs that are selling off the country, from inept security forces that killed thousands of our soldiers during their punitive operations in the south-east, from fascist thugs who are discrediting Ukraine in the international arena.

The current leadership of Ukraine headed by the President Peter Poroshenko was called by “Cyber ​​Berkut” a puppet, but still responsible for the outbreak of the fratricidal war in the country.

“Cyber​ Berkut” is a group of hackers that emerged after the dissolution of special police department “Berkut”. The structure of the organization remains unknown, because internet community guards its anonymity. The hackers from the “Cyber​​ Berkut” define the purpose of the group as “to help Ukraine preserve its independence from the military aggression of the West, which is ready to defend the government of neo-fascists.”

The anonymous hackers have conducted a wide range of activities against Kiev. They have repeatedly published incriminating correspondence between senior politicians of the new government, distributed documents showing the mass desertion of the Ukrainian military during the military operation, and on July 29th the “Cyber​​ Berkut” blocked the website of the President of Ukraine.

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