Czech Republic suspects three Russian diplomats

According to the Internet portal, the Russians were forced to leave the country because their permits to stay in the Czech Republic were not renewed.

It is noted that in return Russia banned for an employee of the Czech Embassy to remain in Moscow, and also refused to accredit another diplomat.

The Czech Foreign Ministry and the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service declined to comment on the situation.

At the end of October 2014, Reuters reported that the Czech counterintelligence had found an “extremely large” number of spies among the staff of the Russian Embassy. The exact figures for the number of people suspected of working with the secret services, was not provided by the agency.

“The Russian and Chinese intelligence send their employees to work in the embassies ​​where they work undercover. In 2013, the number of such people in the Russian embassy was extremely high. This is done in order to protect the economic interests of Russia in the Czech Republic,”- said the report of the agency. It is also noted that other agents came to the Czech Republic under the guise of tourists, scientists and businessmen.

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