DPR and LPR ultimatum

The statement was published on the website of Lugansk Information Center.

“By rejecting the Donbas its special status, Kiev crushed the fragile Minsk truce agreement and deadlocked the situation (…) DPR and LPR declare that no compromises with Kiev are possible until yesterday’s disgraceful decisions by [Ukrainian President Peter] Poroshenko and the Verkhovna Rada are not dismissed, “- read the statement.

Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky note that the resolution adopted by Rada on the introduction of a special status lists “only those settlements that represent the line of contact,” and not the entire territory controlled by the DPR and DNR. This, in their opinion, violates Article 1 of the Ukraine legislation on the special status.

In addition, the leaders of the self-proclaimed republics expressed their outrage that the law on the special status had amendments not “discussed with DPR and LPR, that define the conditions for local elections in Donbass” (special status, according to the adopted document, will be established in the region after early elections held in accordance with the Constitution and other laws of Ukraine). DPR and LPR leaders also emphasized that the introduction of this status will be “indefinitely postponed” by the amendments of Poroshenko.

“Kiev also raises the question of bringing peacekeepers to the conflict zone, which also is not provided not by Minsk protocol or by memorandum, or by the set of measures. Thus, this breaks the entire logic of the peace plan which had been worked out so hard. This is another attempt, covered with good intentions, to abandon Minsk agreements “, – the statement says.

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