exchange of prisoners with Kiev

According to her, it is planned to exchange a total of several dozen people. At the same time, she didn’t specify the dates of the exchange, noting that “everything is still under development.”

On January 23, the head of DPR Alexander Zakharchenko ordered not to take prisoners during fighting with the militants. “We do not need exchanges,” – he said.

A day earlier, the DPR militia carried out a so-called “parade” of prisoners through the streets of Donetsk: they were forced to walk from Donetsk airport, which they defended, to the trolley bus stop where as a result of artillery shelling 13 people were killed. In response to the allegations of violating the Geneva Conventions on the treatment of prisoners, DPR representatives noted that they are not a recognized state and have not signed the Geneva Conventions.

At the same time, pro-Russian fighters announced the number of prisoners taken as a result of the battle for the Donetsk airport – 44 people. The deputy commander of the militia headquarters Eduard Basurin did not elaborate on for which period the data was provided. According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, pro-Russian fighters had 22 prisoners from the soldiers who participated in the defense of the airport.

A previous prisoner exchange between Kiev and the militias was held on December 26 in the format of “all for all”. The military handed over to the self-proclaimed republics 222 people instead of the planned 225. The militia in turn returned 150 prisoners to Kiev, as it has been previously agreed.

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