This was reported by Reuters. The drone, which was about 50 centimeters in diameter, was equipped with a small camera and a water bottle. First, the landed drone was covered with a piece of cardboard, and then a blue colored plastic film. Several dozen police officers were brought to the residence building.

During the incident, the Prime Minister was not in Tokyo – he is currently in Indonesia to attend the Asia-Africa Summit. There is no definite information about the purpose of the action, however, on Wednesday, April 22, the court of the Kagoshima Prefecture dismissed the claim not to switch on two reactors at nuclear power plants that belong to Kyushu Electric Power Company in Sendai. Reactors at nuclear power plants across the country were turned off after the tsunami and the Fukushima accident in 2011.

In March of 2011, after an earthquake of magnitude 9.1 and the resulting tsunami, 15.8 thousand people were killed, and about 3 more thousand people were unaccounted for. This earthquake was the cause of the accident at the nuclear power plant Fukushima.

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