This was reported by The Daily Mail referring to the Dutch publication Quote.

A 46-year-old employee of the Central Bank, whose name was not specified, has worked in the financial institution for eight years. She has also worked as a prostitute for six years in her spare time under the pseudonym Conchita van der Waal. The minimum price for her services was about 625 euros. For one week spent with one client, the woman quoted about 14 thousand euros.

On a personal website of Conchita there were some intimate photographs, including her wearing a Nazi uniform. The escort service worker called herself an “upscale nymphomaniac” and an expert in “dirty sex”. “I have a successful career in finance. If only my colleagues and my boss knew,”- it says on the woman’s website.

Conchita was not officially registered as a prostitution, which is required by the Netherlands law.

Prostitution was legalized in the country on October 1, 2000. In 2007, the mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen acknowledged that legalization was a mistake. In 2014, a significant part of the brothels in the capital was closed in an attempt to fight against precedents of people trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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