Dutch fans

“The police acted professionally, and in such cases it is important to minimize the damage. Fans’ rage only got intensified as they were getting intoxicated, despite the ban on the sale of alcohol in the city that day,”- said Alfano.

Before the game “Roma” – “Feyenoord”, Dutch fans trashed the Pizza di Spagna throwing around bottles and smoke bombs. Damage was also done to the fountain Barcaccia, which recently has been completely renovated. 13 Italian police officers and 5 Dutch fans were injured in the riots. 20 fans got arrested and another 33 got arrested the next day after the game.

On February 19, “Roma tied with “Feyenoord” 1: 1 on its home turf in the first game of 1/16 of the Europa League. Following two games, the Italian club moved forward, because overall it beat the Dutch with a score of 2: 1.

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