Air Force

Air Force

Libyan Parliament, sitting in Tripoli (General National Congress), condemned the airstrikes made by Egypt on ISIS positions in the Libyan city of Derna, according to Reuters. The speaker of Congress, Omar Homaydan, said that it is a violation of the sovereignty of the country.

Pro-Islamic alliance “Dawn of Libya” urged Egyptians, residing in the territory of this state, to leave the country within 48 hours in order to “avoid revenge and not to get exposed to other possible deliberate acts.” This was said in a statement released by the alliance.

Egypt airstrikes on Libyan territory were supported by the UAE President Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan. According to him, the United Arab Emirates will strengthen cooperation with their partners to eradicate the ISIS.

Earlier Cairo urged the coalition against the “Islamic state” to conduct air strikes on the jihadists’ positions in Libya.

On February 16, Egyptian and Libyan planes bombed training camps, arms depots and landfills of the ISIS in Derna. According to the commander of the Libyan Air Force, Saqer al-Joroushi, as a result of the air strikes, 40 to 50 militants were killed. He stated that on February 17 they are planning a new series of bombings.

Egypt inflicted airstrikes on ISIS positions after jihadists in Libya beheaded 21 Coptic Egyptians (representatives of Christian sect).

In August of 2014, the United States stated that Egypt and the United Arab Emirates carried out an air strike on a group of Islamists in Tripoli.

The eastern part of Libya is under the control of various Islamist groups that are fighting each other for power. Some of them support the ISIS.

In Libya, there are two Parliaments operating at the same time: in Tobruk (under the leadership of the Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani) and pro-Islamic General National Congress in Tripoli. This diarchy was formed due to the fact that Islamists seized control of the Libyan capital.

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