Estonian President Toomas Hendrik

According to The Independent, the head of state became irritated after the journalist got his name wrong twice.

TV presenter Dermot Murnaghan was planning to discuss with the Estonian leader the situation in Ukraine, and in particular, a possible threat from Russia. However, even before having a chance to ask Ilves these questions, he twice called him president Hendrik. And if after a first mistake the head of the state did not react in any way, a second mishap provoked his indignation.

The President of Estonia, after an unsuccessful attempt to interrupt the host, stopped listening to him, took off his glasses and a microphone and told a man standing next to him that his name should be pronounced correctly. After a few seconds of awkward silence, the head of the Estonian state rolled his eyes, and Murnaghan, having apologized to viewers, offered to watch the weather forecast.

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