Greek economic crisis

Read news from This was reported by the Athens News Agency.

“The flag has been removed since the current city administration took the office. This action is aimed against the European Union as a reactionary transnational union which remains hostile to people,”- said Andreas Antonopoulos, responsible for mayor’s office public relations,.

According to him, the European Union is not changing and will never be with the people, as “today’s and yesterday’s government” says.

There are three flags now hanging on the City Hall – Greece flag and two flags of the city, which are the same color as the EU flag, but they feature Patras emblem depicting the hero of Greek mythology Patreasa.

A representative of the Communist Party of Greece Costas Peletidis was elected the mayor of the city with the support of the Coalition of the Radical Left “Syriza”.

Usually, government and public buildings in the EU member states hang two flags – a national flag and a European Union flag.

The relations between Greece and the European Union have become strained after the far-left party “Syriza” has won the parliamentary elections on January 25. It formed a government headed by Alexis Tsipras and requested to write-off some of the 320-billion of Greek debt issued to the country in the midst of the crisis by “three creditors.” However, the EU and the European Central Bank said that they would not participate in writing off or restructuring of Greek debt. In this regard, analysts do not exclude the possibility of imminent default by Greece, exit from the Eurozone and going back to its national currency.

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