Humanitarian convoy returned to RussiaAll trucks, and there were 262 in a convoy, crossed the border and left the territory of the neighboring state. The process of passing through the customs took much less time for the truck drivers that it did on August 23 when the trucks were inspected by Ukrainian customs officers.

Due to the intense military situation the road Krasnodon – Lugansk is cut off, and to avoid firing attacks on the way to Lugansk, the drivers had to choose safer roads and sometimes even drive through the fields. Instead of 40 minutes it took the convoy three hours to get to the city.

Still, the drivers are satisfied that the cargo was delivered, it didn’t get damaged and the humanitarian aid reached those who need it so much. For the truck drivers that night in Ukraine was not easy. While residents of the south-east region slept, the trucks were getting unloaded. It was decided to return back from the Donbass in an organized fashion, in a convoy, and using the same route.

Most likely, the way back to the Moscow region the trucks will start on the morning of August 25. In the meantime, the drivers are given some rest to recuperate and prepare for the trip home.

On August 22 the Russian humanitarian aid to the population of the south-east of Ukraine, after several days of waiting at the border was finally delivered to the Donbass. All the trucks of the convoy passed customs clearance at the border crossing point of Izvarino and in the afternoon left in the direction of Lugansk.

Around 17:30 Moscow time the first trucks with humanitarian aid arrived in the city. Its residents for several weeks now have been living in conditions of a humanitarian catastrophe.

This situation in Lugansk has developed after the Ukrainian army blocked the city. Food supply was interrupted, and residents were left without drinking water. Electricity supply of public facilities has to be urgently restored by the residents after firing attacks.