This is a fourteenth convoy that was sent to the south-east of the country since last August.

More than 170 trucks of the Russian Federation Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergency Response will deliver 1.8 thousand tons of humanitarian aid to the residents of Donbass. The aid includes food, medicine, building materials and other material resources necessary for sustaining life.

“This particular convoy contains textbooks, manuals and books from Russian students,” – said Deputy Head of the National Center for Crisis Management at the Emergency Situations Ministry, Oleg Voronov. According to him, the column will be divided into two parts: 90 trucks will go to Donetsk and more than 80 trucks – to Lugansk.

Previous 13 colonies were brought to the Donets Basin for more than 18 thousand tons of humanitarian aid, noted in the MOE. The first convoy of humanitarian aid delivered to the Donbas August 22, 2014, and the latter crossed the border with Ukraine on 8 February. Tenth column brought in December 2014 in Donetsk and Lugansk Christmas gifts to children.

Humanitarian convoy with books

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