tanks weapons to Ukraine

He also noted that the decision made by Washington to supply weapons to Kiev would be very dangerous. “We also do not rule out the possibility of a real war between Russia and Ukraine,” – said the politician.

Lazar pointed out that if the United States will build a new “iron curtain” between Russia and Europe, the consequences of this decision will be very tragic.

On February 2, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany will not help Ukraine with weapons.

On February 1 it was reported that senior US officials and military again started considering the possibility of supplying Kiev with defensive weapons. In particular, this idea is supported by the NATO commander in Europe Philip Breedlove. This matter will be discussed this week during a visit to Kiev by the Secretary of State John Kerry.

During the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Kiev received military assistance by several European countries – participants of the North Atlantic Alliance. The greatest support was provided by Washington: Americans contributed $ 320 million as military assistance. At the same time the aid was limited to non-lethal weapons.

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