“Putin’s” cheese


In Finland, “Putin’s” cheese is flying off the shelves

Sales across the country started from the middle of August, and locals sweep off the shelves “Putin’s”, as they nicknamed it here, cheese and butter at the prices several times lower than usual.

According to journalists, food prices in Finland usually are one of the highest in Europe. But now, for example, a 900-gram package of Oltermanni cheese can be purchased for 3.69 euros, and the 250 gram package – for 99 cents. Previously, it cost around in different supermarkets anywhere from 6 to 8 euros. The price of Valio butter fell to 55 cents per a 200-gram pack.

“For Oltermanni it is, of course, very cheap. Shops create restrictions, such as four packs of cheese per person. People named these products “Putin’s products” and then even in the stores on the price tags they began writing “Putin’s cheese”, – told to RIA Novosti one of Helsinki residents.

According to him, people have different opinions on this matter: some think that the products intended for Russians are not as tasty as the Finns products, others buy it with pleasure – they say that the quality is no different.

“The sale of products with Russian labels was announced even on the news: to make sure that people were not bothered by Russian labels – the products were perfectly edible. According to press reports, the biggest sales are in stores near the border. They sold yogurts, cottage cheese. Here, in Helsinki, we only got so far cheese and butter. But generally they promise many more cheap products from other countries, such as salmon (it was sold to Russia by Norway.) So, we are making room in our fridges and wait “- joke Finns.

According to the television and radio company Yle, one of the leaders of a large chain of grocery stores S-ryhma, Ilkka Alarotu wrote on Twitter that the store will release for sale cheap unsalted butter which was intended for the Russian market. Finns responded instantly, going to the portal patarumpu.fi, where you can buy products online. The influx was so sudden, that the site could not handle it and stopped working for a while. This butter will not be the last “sanctioned” product made for Russia and sold at home, confirms Alarotu.

In turn, Finnish TV channels, as reported by the website Baltic News Network, entertain their audiences by comparing yogurts made in Russia with local products. One of these TV shows invited a renowned Finnish chef who prepared a dish made of the products prohibited for import to Russia. It was named “Putin’s meatballs.”

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