products aid from russiaThis was shared on the TV channel “Russia 24” by its correspondent Ekaterina Mironova. First of all, food items and medicine will be given to the Drug Administration issued the most socially disadvantaged social groups – retirees, employees of public organizations, as well as people who have lost their homes as a result of shooting attacks and bombings.

Earlier, the First Deputy Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Lugansk Vasily Nikitin said that in order to organize the distribution of Russian humanitarian aid they put together a team of volunteers. They pack humanitarian aid in plastic bags that include a kilogram of salt, rice, sugar and a couple of liters of water. Today, it is also planned to distribute aid to hospitals and nursing homes. Nikitin noted that thanks to the Russian humanitarian aid the situation with food supply in Lugansk has improved dramatically.

The day before, the humanitarian convoy from Russia arrived in Lugansk. The convoy of 280 trucks delivered to the fire-strewn by the Ukrainian army city 2,000 tons of food, water, baby food and medical products.

News video from Russia 24

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