burning of Obama scarecrow

Thus, the head of the region explained his position about previously cancelled children’s play with a scarecrow depicting the US President.

“Maslenitsa is an old folk tradition. People always used to burn effigies of winter during Maslenitsa, and it never got offended by us for it. No one ever saw it as being politically motivated, “- said Karlin. According to him, “our people’s reaction maybe will seem cruel to someone, but in fact it is friendly.”

Earlier, a host of a children’s festival Yevgeny Golovin told in an interview with the radio station “Silver rain” in Barnaul that a puppet show during Maslenitsa in the village of Krasnii Partizan will have changes to the traditional scene of Petrushka fighting with “Germans” – “anti-sanction” Petrushka will be killing Barack Obama. Subsequently, Golovin said that this scene will be removed from the play because of “unfounded and clearly unnecessary” attention to it by a number of media outlets. He also confirmed that no burning of a scarecrow was planned for the festival.

In Ukraine, in 2014-2015, burning of a scarecrow of the Russian President Vladimir Putin became a part of various events held in dozens of cities. In some cases, children and teens have been also invited to participate.

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