Floyd and Violet Hartwig, who were 90 and 89 years old respectively, died at their home on February 11 with a difference of five hours. This was reported by Associated Press.

Their children said that when their parents were quite close to death, they moved their beds next to each other. Before they died, the husband and the wife were holding hands.

“They wanted to die together. It had to happen that way, “- said their daughter, Donna Scarton. – They were meant for each other.”

The couple had known each other since childhood. They both grew up in a rural community in central California. Their romance started on a dance floor, where Floyd, a naval officer, came during his leave. The couple got married on August 16, 1947, and they had three children. Floyd and Violet owned a small farm, growing cotton and breeding turkeys.

умерли в один день в 67 лет

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