Iranian military attacked mock US aircraft

US aircraft

This was reported by the Tasnim agency.

The operation was conducted as part of naval exercises “Great Prophet-9”, held in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz. The full-scale model of the nuclear aircraft carrier “Nimitz” (333 meters long) was built near the island of Laraque.

The “aircraft carrier” was hit by four anti-ship missiles such as “Nasr-1”, launched from the Iranian coast (“Nasr-1” is a version of the Chinese C-704 missile; Iran started the production of these systems in 2010). Simultaneously, from the speed boats taking part in the maneuvers, the mock aircraft carrier was hit with 400 107-millimeter uncontrolled missiles launched from volley fire systems.

As part of the same exercises, the IRGC forces also practiced strikes on naval targets using anti-ballistic missiles “Khaleej Fars.”

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