Russian Air Force

As it appears from IAA statement, Russian Tu-95 bombers were flying with turned off transponders – appliances that enable to determine the aircraft on radars.

As Agence France-Presse reports, flight delay may be associated with flight of British RAF Typhoon fighters, which were deployed in late January for escorting Russian bombers.

This year, on February 23, Russia’s Ambassador to Great Britain stated that attention of the West to long-distance flights of Russian Air Force planes is too exaggerated. At the same time, he assured that aircrafts fly around distant lines regularly and will proceed doing it.

Yakovenko’s statement was a response to a speech of Secretary of State for Defense of the United Kingdom Michael Fallon, who warned that the number of flights by Russian bombers in close proximity to British airspace became “unprecedented since the peak of Cold War”.

On February 2, with reference to the sources in the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom, The Daily Express informed that one of the aircrafts above English Channel had nuclear weapon on board. Russian Ministry of Defense rebutted this information.

Previously, NATO also claimed soared activity of Russian Air Force in international airspace near the borders of European countries. According to Alliance’s spokesmen, Russian aircrews don’t provide flight plans. At the same time, RF Ministry of Defense noted that aircraft flights are carried out in conformity with international laws.

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