cinema in paris on street

Shoot action movies on Paris streets

Read news from This decision has been made after a series of terrorist attacks that took place in Paris in early January, told The Associated Press police officer Sylvie Barnaud.

“Actors in uniforms may become targets for terrorists, and may also mislead the public. It is not hard to do in such a stressful period,”- said the police officer responsible to issuing permits to film on the streets of Paris. According to her, it is unclear at the moment how long the ban will stay in effect.

According to the agency, Paris has long been a favorite city of directors, who often film on its street scenes with chases and shootouts. Among the movies that were filmed in the French capital are such movies as Lucy by Luc Besson, Edge of Tomorrow and Bourne Identity by Doug Liman, and Ronin by John Frankenheimer.

A series of terrorist attacks took place in France on January 7-9. A total of 17 people were killed in the attacks. On January 9, in a kosher supermarket in Paris terrorist Amedie Coulibaly took more than 20 hostages and killed four of them. He demanded that the police stop the persecution of the brothers Said and Sheriff Kuashi. During the raid, Coulibaly was killed. A day before he shot a policewoman in the suburbs of Paris.

On January 7, Kuashi brothers together with an accomplice shot dead 12 people in the main office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Kuashi brothers were killed during a special operation two days later.

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