The bombardment became the first response by the country’s authorities to militant attack on the University in Garissa in eastern Kenya, during which 148 people were killed. Air strikes were inflicted on the bases in the settlements of Gondodova and Ishmael located in the Kenyan border region of Gedo.

“We targeted these two areas, because, according to the information we had, these people carried out attacks on Kenya from there,” – said the source. He also noted that due to the cloudy weather it is still difficult to assess the extent of the destruction caused by the bombings.

On April 2, the Islamic terrorists seized a university campus in the city of Garissa, about 200 kilometers from the border with Somalia. They shot the students who could not quote the Koran. A Kenyan citizen is suspected in the organization of the terrorist act, who is a former teacher and director of the local school, Mohammed Kuno. It was also determined that among the four attackers there was Abdirahim Abdullahi – the son of a Kenyan government official from the Mandera District, who moved to Somalia to join the terrorists.

Over the past two years, in Kenya, more than 400 people have died at the hands of militants from Al-Shabaab. On September 21, 2013, a group of militants from Al-Shabaab attacked the shopping center Westgate in Nairobi. Having approached the building in a car, the attackers threw three grenades and then opened fire. Continuing to shoot, they came inside, killing all non-Muslims. According to some reports, besides Somalis, one of the attackers was a British citizen Samantha Lewthwaite. 67 people became the victims of terrorists, and 175 were injured.

Al-Shabaab (“Movement of Striving Youth “) is a radical Islamist group, which is waging a war “against the enemies of Islam” in Somalia and beyond. Its objective is to create a society living under Sharia law, and the organization uses radio and Internet for recruiting. In August of 2014, Somali government forces conducted the operation “Indian Ocean” against Al-Shabaab. The activities of Al-Shabaab has been defined as extremist and banned in Russia and other countries.

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