This was stated by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during his speech for the participants of the Youth Forum “Seliger”. Live broadcast of the forum is carried out by “Russia 24” and the website

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov


Only negotiations will show whether the west and east of Ukraine can get along

“Now we believe that we should do anything possible so that they came to the negotiations table and urgently ceased fire, and began moving towards being able to hear each other. Until they sit down, we will not understand, whether they can co-exist or not, – said Sergey Lavrov. – Without the beginning of a political dialogue involving all the regions we will never understand, whether it is realistic or not for the Ukrainians to agree. And when current Kiev authorities say: “We will start a dialogue, but only when Donetsk and Lugansk lay down their arms, and if they don’t – we will achieve our objectives by military means, “- this is absolutely irresponsible, because when you say to people: “You surrender first, and then we will see what to do with you,”- it creates a chain reaction.”

“I’m sure that those gains that have already been achieved in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, they will consolidate these regions in the fight for the most important thing – for them to live on these lands, as they their fathers, grandfathers lived, and the way they want to live by speaking Russian, teaching their children in the Russian language, choosing their governors, legislative assemblies, having an opportunity to receive taxes from the economic activities that occurs on their territory and having an opportunity to communicate both economically and simply humanly with their relatives and friends in Russia and other countries – that is the most important thing, “- said the Minister.

All-Russian Youth Educational Forum “Seliger-2014” opened its final, already fifth in a row session for activists from different regions of Russia on Saturday, August 23. The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of all parliamentary parties. The forum was open to discuss global challenges, Western sanctions and the potential of Russia.

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